About London

I’m moving to London. That’s really why this blog began. In about four months, I’ll just be so darn exciting, clearly I’ll need a place to gloat to everyone about my adventures. I have to hope that’s the case, anyway. Otherwise, I’d be curled up somewhere, weeping, mumbling whatamidoing whatamidoing whatamidoing all the time.

As it stands, I’m only doing that like 23% of the time.

SO. London. London! Why? A number of reasons! Boredom, hating stasis, a sometimes overpowering dread that my life is incredibly dull and everything is passing me by forever and you only live once and oh crap I am getting old. Also the fact that I lived in London once and would love to do it again.

But actually: grad school. I know, I’ve done that already! I’ve got a nice, shiny Master’s degree (haha, actually the thing looks like it’s on a piece of standard copy paper and is actually very stupid and oh sorry, perhaps that rant is for another time), so why the hell do I need to go spend time and money getting another?

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Kitchen Adventures

I am not a good cook. Baking, I can do. I can whip up various kinds of cookies, no problem. But cooking meals has always sort of…bored me. I can make a few things, but I just never really feel like it. And I live alone, so making a big batch of something tends to result in more leftovers than I’ll ever get through, and most things end up going to waste. This past winter, I found a chili recipe that I liked, and storing the extra six servings it made was easy with enough plastic containers. But aside from that, I can’t remember the last thing I was excited to make.

But recently I made shakshouka! What the hell is that, you ask? It’s a delicious, spicy, poached egg and tomato sauce…thing. In Israel, I saw it each morning at breakfast and had no idea what it was. Sometimes it would be in little individual bowls, one egg each, sometimes in a larger pan and you had to scoop it out. There would be an egg on top, and then just…red. One morning in Jerusalem, my curiosity got the better of me and I gave it a try. And then had it every single morning afterwards.

Now that I’m back in America, eating all the hummus I can find and being generally disappointed by all the kinds of pita I buy, I miss shakshouka. I thought maybe it was worth a shot to try to make it, so I searched around the internet and found a recipe that seemed easy enough, gathered supplies, and hoped for the best.

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So I went to Israel

I went to Israel in April, and all I want to do is talk about it. Aside from the initial flurry of questions from co-workers, I feel like no one really wants to listen. I’ve bombarded Facebook with hundreds of pictures that a few people may have poked through, but when other nonsense things on that nonsense site get more likes and comments, well, a girl can feel a little (nonsensically) sad and ignored. So here I am, because I have a lot of feelings.

Yes, this is going to be long. But I’ll split it up into some sections and even throw in some pretty pictures to make it worth your while!

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