Crankypants Holding Pattern

It’s hot, I hate summer, and I am cranky. British people are complaining about how hot it is. I looked at a weather website. It says it’s 85 degrees Fahrenheit in London, feels like 81, with 29% humidity. EVERYONE SHUT UP. Here in New York, it’s currently 85, feels like 91, and there’s 65% humidity. And it’s still morning. I would look up what it’s like in DC, but I don’t want to cry.

British people, you are stressing me out. I AM SO STRESSED. Do you see all my gray hairs?! If it wasn’t so hot out, I would drink all the drinks and maybe at least try to be less stressed out, but I can’t because I am so warm. Well, right now I am frozen because I am at work where we freeze people to save books, but I don’t think anyone would appreciate me being drunk at my desk. Actually probably no one would notice so MAYBE TOMORROW.

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Sheep and Shakespeare Gets Annoyingly Personal

Hey, so here is a thing I don’t like to talk about!
(so I am going to post it late on a Sunday night while everyone is too sleepy to notice, while still getting it out there and hopefully feeling better about it!)

To start, look at these!

I don’t know that these are necessarily the best pictures for my purposes, but I’ve pretty much deleted all the really bad old ones. Uh…basically, I was fat! I am still not like, a “normal weight” person (boo, mean BMI calculators), but I am less fat now. By like 70 pounds! Which, I don’t know, makes me kind of sad to think about. That there was that much extra of me, I guess? And that it took me so long to realize “oh hey, I feel terrible about this maybe I should do something”. And to actually do something. And that even after 70 pounds, I’m still not really where I’d like to be. That is a lot! I would like to be fully satisfied with that. I am only mostly satisfied.

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