Being Festive (and a tourist)

When I got home on Tuesday, I found my flatmate, Becky, skipping in circles around the kitchen. She was going ice skating! She had never been ice skating before! Did I want to come?! At first I said no, because I was sleepy and grumpy, but her excitement got to me, and I soon found myself pulling on a good pair of socks and my big winter coat (first time of the season, and now I’m never switching back…so cold…).

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Catching up!

I am terrible at updating this blog! Sorry, Bethany! I’m trying. Just…not very hard. Oh noes. I am very lazy about getting pictures off of my phone, so you get none today. Just some words.

Except this one, because it is silly.

photo 2

So! Things that have been going on…

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