Hey guys, I went to Scotland! It was the best. My lovely friend Erin is living in Edinburgh for two years while her husband does a master’s at the University of Edinburgh. They’ve been down to London, but I needed to get myself up to Scotland. Luckily, our friend Heather decided to take a trip out this way, so we coordinated a big adventure. I’ve long had an appreciation for Scotland for basically no reason (aside from how much I like to listen to Peter Capaldi swear at people), and I’m so so happy I finally got up there.

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New England Spring

Springtime in New England is always sort of a funny thing. It’s been known to snow in April, but also be boiling hot. I’ve always liked the northeast because I like having four full seasons of weather, but spring is a pain. I hear it’s really nice there now, but for the two weeks I was home…grumble.

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