Blog Debt Forgiveness

Recently, my friend Erin has been updating her blog. Which reminded me that, oh right, I’ve neglected mine for nearly 2 years now. I really did want to keep a record of my time abroad and actually write things down so I remember. I feel bad that I have been so terrible at this.

There’s a podcast I’ve been listening to a lot, called Reply All. It’s a podcast about the internet–things you find on it, things that happen because of it, etc. Last year, they started a holiday, Email Debt Forgiveness Day. It is a day to send emails you’ve been meaning to send, reply to emails that have been sitting in your inbox for an embarrassingly long time. I don’t have any emails I need to respond to (I…think? If I owe you one, let me know), but I want to expand Email Debt Forgiveness Day. I already think it should apply to texts, Facebook messages, and the like. So I’m furthering it to apply to this blog. I have been meaning to update, but it’s always been too long and I feel stupid about it. I have to dig up things from nearly 2 years ago to write about. But it’ll just keep getting farther and farther away, right? So here we are.

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